Life Links

Visual Art:
Gar Bailey on FaceBook
gARTw3rk Photo Sets On Gar’s FlickR
Gar Bailey on Myspace

Auditory Art:
alGARhythm – (Main Solo Project)
alGARhythm’s – Electronic Press Kit
alGARhythm on Myspace

Death To False Love – (Midi’d HardWare-Wolfin’ Project with A_Scissors)
Engine Heart – (A/V Project with Dr.XNLB)
Zoltan Dobi – (Experimental/Ambient Duo with Adrian Taylor)
Plaedo – (Off and on Project with Joel Caldwell)
Drone alGARator – (Remix Project with Drone Operator)

Records Labels:
Hairy Sloth Records
Hairy Sloth Records on Myspace
Polyvibe Records (Out Of Business)


Gar Bailey/alGARhythm YouTube Page
Hairy Sloth Records YouTube Page


Complete Photo Archive:
FlickR | Gar’s Photography Library


Radio | LastFM:
alGARhythm Radio and Listening Habits
GaR BaiLey Radio and Listening Habits
Hairy Sloth Records Radio and Listening Habits


Assorted Links:
Twitter – Gar BaiLey/alGARhythm
Mini Diatribe by Gar from 2006



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