Painting: “Aquaferist”

By: Gar Bailey – Oil On Canvas | Aug. 2010 – April 2011 | 24″ x 36″

–>This painting was commissioned for the Donna Pepin collection in the late Summer of 2010.  Originally taking about 6 weeks to complete.  After hanging on Mz. Pepin’s walls for the next 6 or 7 odd months/the winter.  It was decided by the artist and patron that the w3rk was still actually incomplete in it’s current state at that time, and the artist Gar Bailey brought it back to his studio for another 2 weeks of intensive work detailing it out with the smallest paint brushes in his arsenal.  Brush strokes so minuet and touch sensitive the Gar had to hold his breath during many of them, as not to cause the brush to waiver even one millimeter.  This painting, along with 2008′s “Flesh”, is perhaps Gar’s most finely detailed w3rk.  And thankfully thru the patronage of Mz. Pepin, Gar was adequately compensated financially for the gargantuan 150 – 200 hours of surgical paint w3rk done upon this canvas.  Without her influence, love, and support.. this painting most likely would not have materialized.  So mad props, gratitude, and infinite love to Mz. Donna Pepin for her continued patronage of the art of Mr. Gar BaiLey.

*Click on the individual photos above to see larger versions of the images, or *To view the entire “Aquaferist” collection of photo’s in small to full-sized arrangements, follow this link to the set on my FlickR account.  Which can also be entered manually by clicking on , or copy and pasting this link into your browser’s address bar: -Same difference.

About Gar

I am a Painter, a Sculptuor, a Collagist, a Music Maker, a Music MeLTer, a Music Mixuor, a Videographer, a Writer, a Lover, a Carpenter, a Gardener, an Idealist, a Pessimist, an Optimist, Insignificant, All-Encompassing, Fraught with Doubt, Indomitable, Lackadaisical, Productive, Seductive, Rough and Tumble, and often times I just mumble.
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One Response to Painting: “Aquaferist”

  1. Donna Pepin says:

    What a treasure this painting is. It is cool to be sitting here looking from the pictures up to the real Thing!!!! I love to open the curtains in the morning and watch how the sunlight and rainbows, from some prisms, play upon the picture. I am ever so grateful to own this beautiful piece of art!!

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