New Paintings / WIPs – “Liquid Creatures, Shapes, N’ ObjeKts” Series

So some of you know I’ve been hard at w3rk trying to finish my 4th alGARhythm album and have it out by the end of April on HSR.  Well, for the sake of musical perspective and clarity, I recently decided to take a 1 -2 weeks break from the recording process, and am spending much of that time painting this new series of about 15 – 25 small to medium sized paintings. Entitled: “The Liquid Creatures, Shapes, + ObjeKts Series“.  They are of the more hurriedly created variety of imagery, but do not mistake my haste with lack of quality.  I’ve learned over the years how to w3rk long term and short term, both to successful effect.  There’s are advantages and disadvantages to both methods of painting, n’ I’ve had an explosion of pigment waiting to burst out of me for a while now..  Nothing’s guaranteed but I’m feeling real good about this new series of paintings, and just to be painting again period after a few months away from it has been accelerating my creativity glands and I think in turn it’ll actually help invigorate me when I jump back onto finishing my album in a week or two as well.

Here’s the other fabulous news!… In an effort to get my gART on to the walls of more of my friends and fans, I am going to be selling atleast 90% of this collection of w3rks and they are all going to be priced to sell.  And I mean seriously priced to sell.  It’s just a guesstimate but I’m going to try and keep all prices $100 or less and some of the smaller paintings may be as low as $20!! So for those of you who’ve always wanted a killer piece of gARTw3rk but never thought you could afford it.  THIS IS GOING TO BE YOUR LUCKY DAY.. in a 1 – 3 weeks that is.  I doubt that they’ll be a sale of gARTw3rks of this magnitude again anytime soon, if ever.  So just as soon as the entire series of 15 – 25 w3rks are all completed.  They’ll be going up onto a webpage with prices lower than sin.  Keep yer radars on, and I’ll let cha’s know just as soon as tis all ready.  First come first serve, and even though all the paintings prices will be low, it all will be negotiable even.  These paintings want/need to be on all of your walls.

Below are some photo’s to show you’s how things are looking so far, please keep in mind that none of these are 100% finished, but some are close enough to give you all the idea what the w3rk is looking like so far.  Also you can click on this link to view all 20 something images on my flickr account.  Note: All of these photos were taken in this morning’s Sunlight in my studio ala 1/27/2011.  After a very long night drafting, mixing, pontificating, and slinging’ some coloured pigment like skimboarder’s on mushrooms.

About Gar

I am a Painter, a Sculptuor, a Collagist, a Music Maker, a Music MeLTer, a Music Mixuor, a Videographer, a Writer, a Lover, a Carpenter, a Gardener, an Idealist, a Pessimist, an Optimist, Insignificant, All-Encompassing, Fraught with Doubt, Indomitable, Lackadaisical, Productive, Seductive, Rough and Tumble, and often times I just mumble.
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One Response to New Paintings / WIPs – “Liquid Creatures, Shapes, N’ ObjeKts” Series

  1. Donna Pepin says:

    Wow!! you have been busy creating!! My favorite so far is the one you used at the top of the site and it is the last one too. But I am excited about all of them. 2011 is starting out very inspired, creative and it will only get better from here!! Can’t wait to see the whole family!! ;-{)

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