Love for my Grandfather – William Bailey Sr.

Update:  After 0ver 90 full rotations around the Sun, My Grandfather, William Stephen Dennis Bailey,  Passed away on Sep. 30th, 2012 .  Loved by many, respected by even more.   I’ll miss you Grand-Dad!..  Travel well.

A WWII Veteran, and Engineer, and an all around Good Man.  For online obituary, funeral information, and condolences click this link.

Goodbye for now Granddad.

Love Always – Matthew


Original post from early 2011 continued below:

When a someone we love is ill, it can really make us feel so very helpless, and right now my Grandfather Bill is not doing so very well.  So with hope in my heart he will get better and get home soon, I wanted to let the world and anyone who’s reading this know what a special man he is, to not only myself, but to my entire family.

I really want to say to my Grandfather / my Father’s Father: WILLIAM BAILEY Sr. – who’s in the hospital staving off some very serious health issues at this moment in time.. Something that he’s bravely been dealing with the past couple years and that have come to a head in these past few days.. that you’re the best grandfather a boy/man could ever ask for, and that I love you as much as life itself. It’s a true honor that I was lucky enough to get you as my Granddad. -A man of such massive character, dependability, high moral fiber, and as a surviving veteran of WWII and the greatest generation of modern time.  It’s hard to imagine someone living much more of a quietly profound n’ noble life.  Granddad, I feel truly blessed to have your blood running through my own veins, and I promise with every ounce of all that is inside me and all that I’ve learned from you and your example as a courageous & dignified human being, that I will do my absolute best in all that I am.. all that I can do, paint, create, and share with humanity – to carry on your legacy as a proud member of the “Bailey” clan all the way from England to the America’s.  From Matlock, England in 1921 to Central, FL in 2011.. I’ll try to carry on your name, legacy, and your bloodline with pride, honor, and dignity to the utmost of my abilities. Though my own path in life has been quite a bit different from your was, and I am somewhat of an eccentric human being, to say the least. The core of me is made of goodness, love, devotion, compassion for others, and the desire to see the best for my family, friends, and for all of humanity.   To do unto others as I would have them do unto to me.  To treat others with respect, to be honest, and to work hard at your goals.  Most of that comes from you, Grandmom, from my parents, and all of my dear family.

I also here by decree:  That every endeavor and every piece of art or music that I have ever created and I will ever create.. always has a bit of You and Grandmom in it’s core and creation. (Among some other ingredients of course)  But because it is from the two of you from whence I came. Just as you are the living legacy of your parents, grandparents, and so forth. W/o you two, there would be no me. As I look forward to where I am going in this life, I will never forget from where and who I have come.  Our heritage is our cultural heartbeat.  Thank you for all your love, wisdom, and sacrifice.  I will never ever forget it.   With Love, Respect, Dignity, and Honor.  Stay strong Granddad.  You’re the best of the best.

Love Always – Matthew BAILEY

Here’s a couple photos from Past to Present:

*Bill and Winifred Bailey’s Wedding Day in England on July 27th, 1947. (This was quite a few year’s before my Dad was even born.)  My 2 Grandparents are the bride and groom to the left/center with the young boy in front of Granddad.  My Grandmom’s sister Mary and her cousin are the other 2 younger females in the photo. That “young boy” is one of a few my Great Uncles who are shown. My Great Grandparents are the 2 couples positioned on each end in this photo as well.  How bout them apples?!? {Click wedding photo for a lil larger view}

*A much more recent photo in Nov/Dec 2009 of me & some of my family at a small exhibit of some of my paintings in Orlando at “TASTE”. Clockwise: From me in the green flowered shirt, My Dad – Steve, My Uncle – Mark, Granddad – WILLIAM BAILEY Sr., My StepMom – Michele, My Aunt – Pam, & her daughter/my cousin – Julie

*March 2008 – Father/Steven Bailey, Grandfather/William Bailey, and Son/Matthew Bailey

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One Response to Love for my Grandfather – William Bailey Sr.

  1. Donna Pepin says:

    What a wonderful way to honor your grandfather! I know he must be so proud of you. You have a beautiful way with words and your loving compassion comes through so clear. Great pictures that tell a story of a family with a lot of love in it.
    My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.

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